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Business Update

Dear Customer,


During these challenging times our thoughts are with our hardworking staff, our customers and suppliers and we want to endeavour to look after all.


Whilst we have taken the decision to reduce our staffing levels and send as many of our staff as possible back to their homes and loved ones, we intend to try to keep our operations going with the help of a small number of key personnel who are pleased to give their services.


You may still place orders on the website, these will be held by the website but any orders placed will be processed, picked, packed and dispatched, as soon as we are able too.


Obviously we will abide by the recommendations and decisions of the government and medical professionals but hopefully, we will continue to give you the service you require and respond to your orders and enquiries through these tough times.


Please try to give us as much notification as possible of any requirements you may have. We wish you all the best through this pandemic and hope you and all your families stay safe.


As the situation changes we will update this message.


For all order enquiries please contact sales@heatoncateringequipment.co.uk



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Rev 29th September 2016