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Complaints Procedure

Things can get broken where people are busy shopping. Here we have put together everything you need to know and do when filing a complaint within the stated warranty period of your purchased item(s).

Step 1

Send an email with the following info (where available) to: service@heatoncateringequipment.co.uk

  • Customer number
  • Invoice number and purchase date
  • Item name
  • Item Model Ref
  • Item Serial Number
  • A short description of the fault
  • One or two digital images in which you can see the damage or fault

Step 2

We will have a look at those images as soon as possible and you will receive an email back from us with info on how to proceed.

Step 3

Once the defective item has been delivered to us we will really get busy for you and make sure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction. The process may nevertheless take a bit of time and we must ask for your patience in advance. When returning items, please make sure to return them in a clean or washed condition and ensure the item is packaged in a safe condition.  Thank you!

Step 4

We would be very happy to receive some feedback from you once your issue has been handled. Here you can let us know if you felt something went really well, and of course also if you have a suggestion of how we could improve things. Simply send an email to: service@heatoncateringequipment.co.uk

More info about our conditions for complaints handling:  Warranty claims are granted in accordance with legal requirements. You have a statutory right to subsequent fulfilment (rectification or replacement) within the legal warranty period stated for your item(s) from the date of delivery for any faults or damages. We will not accept liability for damage or faults arising from improper use, operation or storage, negligent or insufficient care and maintenance, overload, or improper repair undertaken by an unauthorized service partner. Please read our T&C for more info on our warranty.

More information about manufacturer guarantees can be found in the documentation typically provided with each product. If any of the products bought at Innerglass Ltd, T/a Heaton Catering Equipment get damaged within the stated warranty period we will forward the information to the relevant manufacturer or supplier, who will then make a decision regarding repair or replacement. We can unfortunately only honour warranty claims after they have been recognised by the manufacturer.


Rev 22nd April 2021